5 Reasons to Go Digital With Your Annual Report

Annual report, impact report, shareholder report... whatever you call it, it's that time of year again. And if you’re in the social sector, you need a report that shows how your organization made the community more just, creative, cultured, stable, or equitable this year.

Yes, charts, graphs, and executive summaries are important—but only if the piece as a whole helps supporters understand how they contributed to the bigger picture.

With a digital annual report, you can show impact with an experience that is engaging, shareable, and measurable. Give your audience a video they can pass along. Send them to a place where they can see their role in your mission or advocate for a cause they believe in, and then tell their friends. Below are five good reasons to go digital with your annual report.  

STG digital annual report

1. Easy Access

Need I say more? A responsive, mobile-friendly site or video is always in the hands of your advocates and friends, no matter where they are.

2. Digital = Measurable

The ability to track engagement means learning, adapting, and fine-tuning for the future.

3. Engaging and Shareable 

Photos and video are shared nearly five times more than text on social media. A video or slideshow highlighting a project your donors made possible gives them more than just a stat—it gets them thinking, “Hey, look what I helped make happen this year," and then share it.

4. Versatility

Annual luncheon? Upcoming grants meeting? Blog post? Reuse and repurpose the info-graphic, video, or interactive map you developed for your report over the course of the year.

5. Comparable Costs

Yes, technology can require up-front resources, but switching from print to digital can save time and dollars on printing and distribution.

Have questions? Curious if going digital is the right shift for your organization? We'd love to help. Reach us at  .