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Pike Place Market

Gearing up for its centennial in 2007, Seattle’s Pike Place Market was still viewed as “the soul of Seattle.” At the same time, the Market needed to raise awareness of the necessity for major structural improvements to its facilities. With a vote on capital improvements slated for 2008, it was important to tell the story of the Market’s Centennial in a way that increased community support.

To achieve this, Pyramid collaborated with Market staff to build a comprehensive community awareness campaign that was festive, informative, educational and true to the personality of the market. During the six-month campaign, we helped raise money and in-kind support, created and implemented direct mail and interactive strategies, designed a suite of collateral materials, produced special events, captured media attention and engaged opinion leaders. To cap off the festivities, we organized a concert that attracted more than 10,000 people. The campaign engaged people from all walks of the city’s life—from government officials to preschoolers from the market’s daycare center—and ventured beyond its own nine acres to have a presence in every neighborhood of Seattle.

The success of the campaign is measurable not only in the volume of local and national media attention, but also in the fact that in 2008, Seattle citizens voted to support the levy for needed capital improvements. Long live Pike Place Market!