5 Key Lessons On Content Marketing

Five Things to Help You Think Differently: Issue 10

Content marketing is about changing the traditional marketing machine to be less focused on selling, selling, selling, and more about providing something of value to your customers or constituents. In this issue of Five Things, we’ll look at how content marketing works and share ideas for how to improve its role in your communications efforts.

1. Storytelling: It’s in our nature

Ever wonder why certain ads that grab your attention over others? Most likely, the ad that sticks with you tells a story. After all, humans have been communicating through stories for centuries—it is a part of our nature. Successful advertisements use stories to convey their messages, evoking a neurological response from the consumers. Harrison Monarth of the Harvard Business Review examines how powerful storytelling can be, when used strategically.

2. The path to mature content  

In order to be successful, content needs to evolve and mature in a strategic fashion. Unlike marketing a decade ago, today, compelling marketing is more of a conversation, not an interruption. Forbes walks us through the five phases of content marketing maturity.

3. Using audits for success

Before you start crafting your content, you first must know what you are trying to accomplish and whom you’re trying to reach. This isn’t a quick process—success takes time and effort but doing a thorough audit will help you craft a content marketing strategy that is specifically designed for your audience and your goals. The Content Marketing Institute walks through the elements of an audit and why it’s helpful for successful content marketing.

4. Storytelling for brand awareness

Stories have power. Using words and images to tell a story can evoke emotion, deepening the connection the individual has with an organization or product. Stories are not about competition with other organizations or selling a specific product. People don't want to hear that. Medium walks us through how to tell your brand’s story like a pro.     

5. Stay out of the silo

Content marketing happens across all channels. It engages your audience by focusing on what matters to them and opens the door for two-way communication. If done well, your content should build consumer loyalty and increase the opportunities for further engagement. Jennifer Nagy of Huffington Post shares how to work across silos to fuel an integrated experience.