Chris Nelson

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Life goes on | Seattle Public Utilities

Chris Nelson

Editorial Director

If Chris was the ocean-going sort, he’d be a deep-sea diver—someone who’s committed to plunging the depths and hunting for every detail. It’s in his nature. He’s a former award-winning journalist who has penned pieces for The New York Times, Rolling Stone, The Chicago Tribune and other outlets. At Pyramid, Chris marries his skills as a journalist with his passion for social causes and the arts. Whether crafting a case statement, helping organizations articulate their purpose, or pitching stories to the New York Times, Chris finds the compelling heart of a story and presents it engagingly to the right audiences. As board chair at The Vera Project, Chris is an advocate for youth in the arts in Seattle. He enjoys taking his kids to the Seattle Opera and watching absurd comedy with his family. Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in English from James Madison University.

Music mania
Before he was a journalist, Chris performed in bands, put out a fanzine and even had a very short-lived career as a DIY concert producer. “If I latch onto a band, I want to know everything about them—get every release, follow all the news, read every book and see every documentary.”