Tiffany Higa

Recent work

125 Years. One Word. | Central Washington University
The leading edge of health care | MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation

Tiffany Higa


Design snuck up on Tiffany. An artist since youth, she was afraid to pursue it full-time. Instead, she studied business administration with a marketing focus at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. That is, until she had to learn Photoshop for a job, loved it and, before long, found herself back at school to pursue a degree in interface design. Now, she sees design everywhere she goes, calling to her from magazines and storefront signage. She enjoys the challenge of design, believes fiercely in its role in creating social good, and loves the opportunity to put her own stamp on it. Known for her friendly, easy-going working style, Tiffany was born and raised on Oahu, which she calls “a little rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.” An active member of AIGA, Tiffany specializes in web design with knowledge of front-end web development, and experience in print and branding. She worked both as an in-house designer and at agencies before joining Pyramid. In her spare time, she enjoys lettering, reading blogs, singing karaoke (out of key), and seeking out new design inspiration online and from the world around her.

Why web design?
“A website has to grow and evolve. It’s a challenge but that’s what drives me.”